Building Blocks

Raising our community one story at a time.


Is it time to think about spring cleaning?

A clean space represents a clean mind.  More...


Direct mail for days!

I spent Thanksgiving week driving to and from Cleveland, Ohio. While I was away the mail piled up. The overwhelming number of charitable requests waiting in the mailbox inspired me to write my overdue blog. In one week, our household received 21 pieces of mail from nonprofit organizations! More...

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Back to school means back to work

​It’s back to school time! That means it is back to work for Board members and fundraising volunteers. Volunteer fundraising in Austin slows to a glacial creep in the summer months but come end of August everyone is racing. Are you ready for the race?  More...


Welcome to our new website!

Now that Butler Nonprofit Consulting has grown from just me to me, Lisa, and Kate, we all thought summer was a great time to update the company’s look.  More...