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Happy Anniversary!

May 11, 2016

Last week, Butler Nonprofit Consulting, celebrated its 5th Anniversary party at the Thinkery. We hope everyone who attended had as much fun as we did, enjoyed all the yummy food, and took one of our helpful USB’s with campaign resources. I think it’s definitely safe to say the entire Butler team is grateful to our friends, family and clients who came to celebrate with us.

Mollie started Butler Nonprofit Consulting five and a half years ago, when Mike Nellis, the Thinkery Executive Director at the time, was looking for a unique consulting engagement. He was looking for someone who believed in the Thinkery project as much as his Board and staff and he entrusted the job to Mollie. Mollie rolled up her sleeves and together with Mike and Lisa Lee they knocked it out of the park. This was Butler’s first contract which is why celebrating at the Thinkery was so fitting.

It was because of this first contract and its success that Mollie decided she wouldn’t accept a client whose mission wasn’t personally important to her. And that idea, to this day, is what keeps the company committed and authentic.

When I first interviewed for this position I knew it was the right place for me. Mollie explained that consulting with nonprofits in Austin allows for engagement in all different kinds of organizations and missions. The longer I am here, the more I realize how true that is.

Working for Butler Nonprofit Consulting lets me to take my energy and passion for social justice and reach further than I ever thought possible. I hope you had a chance to see the poster with all our clients’ logos, because it really embodies what I am trying to say. It shows the reach, the impact and the excitement of our work.

It’s not just the number of clients Butler has earned in only 5 years, it’s the diversity. Every single one of our clients has an impactful mission and they directly benefit our community. And on Thursday, seeing everyone under the same roof, it was like seeing the poster of logos come to life.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”


And that rings true for Austin’s nonprofit community.

In short, thank you for being with us last Thursday. It wouldn’t have been a party without all of you.

Please, follow our LinkedIn and Facebook pages. We are always posting and love to stay engaged with our community. Pictures from the anniversary party are posted on Facebook.

As always, keep your eyes open for the next Butler blog post.

Katie Linn, Project Coordinator